Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Floating Candle

I haven't posted on here in so much going on! I'm in the middle of putting finishing touches together for my wedding which is in exactly 8 days! So, I have been trying to plan a wedding on a budget, which is incredibly difficult. There is such a crazy market on all things wedding. I'll have to post all the other diy things I did, but today I'm sharing probably the best idea I've gotten so far. I have been wanting to make something like this for my centerpieces:
However, floating candles are very overpriced. So, I started looking online for a good budget friendly way to make some DIY floating candles. I went to Big Lots and found 150 tealight candles for $6.00. I had finally settled that I was just going to go without floating candles because I couldn't pass up that deal on candles. I started looking online for ways to make floating candles out of tealights...found it! Take your tealights out of the metal casing they are in and melt candle wax on top of the bottom where the little metal tab is.
Then just let the wax cool and stick your candle in water:
I tested my candle in a glass of water..haha. I'll post pictures of the completed centerpiece look once I get everything together! Just thought I'd share!


  1. Please explain where I melt the wax. I would love to post this on my FB grouup

  2. I think she is saying to melt wax onto the bottom of the tealight. Many tealights have a small metal square on the bottom that holds the wick in place. My guess is that you need to melt wax onto it so that the water doesn't absorb into the wick from the bottom and cause the candle to go out.